Officine VisualArch coordinated an experience between active design and social communication, as Tutor for the workshop “The numbers of Ghedini and Gallina Street” organized by the Polytechnic of Turin inside the “Design Workshop” initiative.

The project activities carried out by the students of “Design and Visual Communication” degree course, led to the development of the graphic identity of each building number and its interior, reaching to give a concrete form to Information System Design.

The Workshop was held in March 2014, and was followed by several meetings to arrive to the definition of the winning project by a vote by the residents of the streets involved. In the month of September 2014 we will construct the artefacts of the winning project during laboratory manual activities for people with disabilities, provided by the project Mai Uguali-ARTIGIANI SOCIALI, in close collaboration with the designer. The workshop was described step by step on the blog with photos of the workshop week, materials prepared by students and tutors.

You can find more details about this project in the Newsletter published by the Contract Area.

The project was developed in collaboration with:

  • Città di Torino
  • Settore Rigenerazione Urbana
  • Circoscrizione 6 del Comune di Torino
  • ATC Agenzia Territoriale per la Casa della Provincia di Torino
  • Contratto di quartiere di Via Ghedini – Servizio di accompagnamento al Contratto di quartiere di via Ghedini ad opera di Cooperativa Animazione Valdocco
  • Cooperativa Liberitutti
  • Cooperativa Animazione Valdocco
  • Progetto Mai Uguali – Artigiani sociali
  • Dipartimento di Architettura e Design, Politecnico di Torino – Corso di Laurea in Design e Comunicazione Visiva, Politecnico di Torino
  • Direzione servizi sociali. Servizio prevenzione alle fragilità sociali e sostegno agli adulti in difficoltà. Comune di Torino