Officine VisualArch deals with KlimaHaus Design and Certification. A project of a high-efficiency building requires specific technical expertise in the design of building envelope, in the choice of materials, in technological solutions to the resolution of all thermal bridges. The increasing attention to green and sustainability and the restrictive legislation in terms of CO2 emissions imposed by European Union, focuses on everything concerning design of the building envelope and new generation systems to achieve high levels of performance.


The characteristics of a KlimaHaus building are:

  • Good insulation, high level of thermal insulation
  • Optimal orientation according to the glass and opaque surfaces
  • Well insulated window and door fixtures
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • No thermal bridges
  • Renewable Sourcesof Energy

A KlimaHaus building is characterized by a very low energy requirements, thus saving on the costs of heating and cooling. A highly efficient house by its envelope and system allow a reduction of maintenance costs and is synonymous of quality and warranty.
The request for KlimaHaus Certificate is a complex process that begins from the design phase, continues with visits by KlimaHaus auditors in the construction phase and it ends with Certificate and the Placard issued by KlimaHaus Agency.

This Certificate clearly shows the most important elements such as:

  • Envelope Efficiency
    It expresses the energetic quality of everything concerning the envelope (opaque and transparent elements).
  • Overall efficiency
    It expresses an overall assessment of the envelope quality and the installation system choices quality. The value is expressed in primary energy requirement and CO2 emissions.

KlimaHaus is primarily a philosophy of life centered on sustainability, not only a public institution that deals with energy certificates. Achieving high-energy performance of buildings ensures a high living comfort and at the same time respects the environment.

From the beginning, KlimaHaus brand has enjoyed broad support in building practice and it has become a real catalyst to build in a energy efficient and sustainable way, even at the national level.



We believe and we identify the sustainability principles promulgated by the Agency.
The “green-thinking” can still be improved, and too often the preferred choice is to save money at the beginning, without thinking about what could be the future savings in terms of reduction of: greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption, costs of operation and maintenance, and in use of easily recyclable materials respecting ecosystems.

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